Sunday, July 14, 2013

Collyns at 5 months

-We've tried to put on a little weight this month, but Collyns is still a tiny little thing. Other babies that are all about her age seem HUGE compared to her. However, her little mannerisms and interactions make her seem so much older.
-Her little personality is starting to come out. She's very friendly and smiley as long as she's well rested. Tired Collyns = cranky Collyns.
-We have a schedule! C is up usually around 6. Aside from an intense heat wave we had, we hit the neighborhood walking paths every morning for a little walk. Then we settle down in her room and read a few stories in her rocking chair. Her favorite is clearly "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." After a few primary songs, she is set down in her crib and she'll generally go down without much of a fight. The length of her first nap is about an hour to an hour and a half. After this we'll often head out to the grocery store or any other errands. Or just to say hi to our Grandmas or Uncle Kade. Naptime again between 11-12. Same routine of books and songs. Her last nap is between 2 and 3:30 and is usually a quick one. Bedtime between 6:30 and 7:30... depending on how tired (aka- cranky) she is.
-Collyns started on rice cereal this month! She was slightly confused by the whole concept of eating from a spoon, and it often made her frustrated. We opted to just give her rice cereal in bottle for the first few weeks. Our intention was mostly to see if it helped her spit up less.
-C definitely reached a peak in the spit up department this month. All. Over. Everything. All day long. Hah. I continued to feed her every time she woke up at night (about every 3 hours), since it was the only time she would keep her food down. Another tiring month in the books for mama. The wake ups are likely out of habit now rather than her needing food. Since she is so teeny tiny though, I still can't quite justify letting her cry out the night wakings.
-We are loving all of the little sounds and habits she is now showing. She makes a fake little coughing noise in her throat when she is frustrated. If she starts to get even more upset she starts making raspberry blows with her lips, yet she'll sometimes do this just for fun too. She has a little squeal that accompanies her smiles. They are borderline almost laughs. She will often "sing" for us. Several times this month I woke up to the sound of her singing in her crib and she also loves singing during bathtime. Must be the acoustics of the room... ;)
-She found her feet this month and whenever she was laying on her back, spent the majority of the time with her feet in her hands and often also pulled to her mouth. Yum!
-C loves FaceTime (unless she's tired/cranky) and especially with her Aunt Daryn. She'll talk back to her and sing, along with smile and squeal.
-Collyns has a few attempts at swimming. The first few times she just cried and cringed when we got her feet wet. As the month went on though, she allowed us to hold her in the hot tub. Not a fan of cold (or anything under 90 degree) water.
-At the very end of the 5th month, Collyns decided she is ready to start crawling soon. She is on her hands and knees all the time and rocks back and forth. She'll scoot backwards, but hasn't figured out moving forwards yet. Often she'll go onto her toes as well as if to bear-crawl.