Monday, September 23, 2013

Collyns at 7 months

***Now that we're a week away from 8 months I figured it was about time to get the 7 month post up. Luckily the pictures and updates are from the actual 7 month mark, it's just taken me this long to edit them and write it out fully. Also, for any of you that actually read blogs still, I'm impressed you're sticking around amidst all of the baby posts! These are mostly just for me to keep record of. 

-Collyns has become quite the little adventurer in her 7th month. She is even quicker at crawling and has realized that she is now able to get around where she wants to in the house. Her spatial awareness has grown and she has started to explore quite a bit more. She still has yet to venture into the bathroom or our front living room downstairs, which I am grateful for. 
-She is now pulling herself up and standing whenever possible. She'll use anything to pull herself up, including walls. Her crib had to be lowered (sad day for mama) because we were afraid she was ready to fall over the edge. She also has managed to climb a few stairs, but of course has not concept of getting back down, so we are always running to catch her when she starts to head up them. 
-A lot more babbling and talking going on this month. Up until now, it seemed like she was just making certain sounds. Now it's more of a babble of made up "words", like she is chatting and communicating with us. Also, Miss C has learned to make even better use of those lungs of her. When she wants to be, she is LOUD. Loud cries, shouts, squeals, and babbles.
-Loving peek-a-boo even more this month. That game never seems to lose it's charm, especially when played with blankets over our heads. Another fun one is clapping. Really, just watching mama and dada clap. Hilarious, apparently.
-In those fun/excited moments, Collyns has gotten quite bouncy and sometimes will nearly jump out of your arms. Her little legs kick and kick as she does her little squeal laugh.
-Collyns developed this adorable scrunched nose smile this month. She sort of squints her eyes and her nose scrunches up and it is the cutest and funniest little thing. 
-Miss C is loving solids and eating with her own hands. We vary between smaller and softer food that she can eat on her own, store-bought baby food, and food that mama makes in the Baby Bullet. She loves her little rice puffs and yogurt bites. 
-Collyns is developing a fun relationship with Chase. She certainly knows he's the funny one and loves being entertained by him at nights and on the weekends.