Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Collyns at 12 months

-Weighing in at 19 lb and 8 oz (20th percentile - wooh!) and measuring 27.5 inches (10th percentile).
-Collyns has definitely started communicating with us more in her 12th month. Sometimes with words or actual signs, but a lot of gestures and expressions. She can say "mama" but rarely will actually say it referring to her mother. She says "nana" for bananas during breakfast time. She also still loves exclaiming "mmm!" while eating something she likes. She emphatically will shake her head no when there is something that she doesn't want and still signs "all done" when she's finished eating.
-She is a big fan of smoothies, but only really when she can share with mama and drink out of her straw. Not as big of a fan of her own portion in a squeeze pouch. Her favorite foods also include ham and cheese slices broken up into small pieces and diced peaches. She tends to have entire meltdowns when she really wants a sippy cup of formula and we are taking too long to get it to her.
-About a week before her first birthday she up and decided it was time to walk. Until this point, she had been taking a few steps here and there, but her main way of getting around was still crawling. During my primary class though in church on Sunday something just clicked and she hasn't turned back since.
-Even before she started walking, Collyns had started taking getting into things and exploring to a whole new level. She wanders into the front room regularly now and tries to find new goodies.  The kitchen cabinets are always open with items strewn about and she loves to empty the drawers on the tv stand. The same pretty much goes for every room in the house.
-Collyns also (finally!) got her first tooth. Her bottom right started slowly creeping up about halfway through the month and is becoming more and more visible every day. Since the first tooth was such a long process, there were no noticeable and lasting side effects of teething. Her little gum had been swollen though the past month or so, good thing she wasn't a wreck since it took so long.
-Miss C has started to show a little bit of her girly side. While mama gets ready in the morning, she ventures into the master closet and finds all sorts of treasures. Her favorites are long necklaces that she actually puts on herself. She lights up with the biggest grin when you notice and tell her how pretty she looks.
-Collyns has developed an even stronger bond and attachment with Chase. For the first time in her life, she'll reach for him instead of mama (not that mama minds the break). Chase of course is loving it and reciprocates it all right back to his little girl. She's quite frankly got him wrapped.
-C is enjoying being around other babies her age more and more. She has always been interested in older kids and toddlers, but now she'll actually interact and laugh with other babies. She loves going over to play at other homes and when we also have friends over.