Thursday, August 15, 2013

Collyns at 6 months

-Weighing in at 12 lb 12 oz and measuring 24.5 inches... once again the 5th percentile about!
-This little girl is just thriving on a schedule and has grown up right before our eyes in her 6th month.
-She started of this month by doing a half crawl, half bear crawl. In the days after that she began sitting up. She would lean a bit while sitting and sort of prop herself up. After some more practice though, she has mastered sitting up straight.
-Collyns is still not a fan of crawling on her knees, yet manages to zoom around with her bear crawl nevertheless. She has yet to venture onto the wood floor and mostly stays in the family room unless I set her at my feet in the kitchen while cooking.
-C likes to sit up in her crib and pull on the bumper, sometimes pulling herself onto her knees. The crib still has yet to be lowered, so we are watching close for when she figures out how to pull herself up using the railing and stand on her feet. Probably just a matter of time.
-Screeching and yelling are a fun past time, according to Miss Collyns. Much to mama's dismay.
-And if she's mad or frustrated, you can expect that she'll let you know with these shouts and often raspberries she blows. There is no shortage of personality (aka sass) in this tiny thing.
-Collyns gets a kick out of cups and water bottles. She will grab for your cup if you take a drink while holding her. She's figured it out and immediately pulls it up to her mouth for a sip. She then proceeded to figure out that mama's water bottle on morning walks is pretty much like a cup. She loves to just hold it and can even drink up through the spout.
-She is still pretty friendly to strangers, showing off her big smile and squeal if they come in close and talk to her.
-Her eyes are technically still blue, but seem to be showing a little bit of a green tint now, like Mom and Dad.
-She loves her grandmas and particularly FaceTiming with Aunt DD in Washington DC. She gets a kick out of Dad and knows that he is the funny one around here. Yet she wants her mom if she is tired and upset.