about me

Like many other twenty-somethings out there, I was in for a rude awakening when I graduated with a degree in Political Science and found that the job market for said degree was pretty slim. Actually, it could better be described as close to non-existent. Unless I wanted to immediately pursue law school or a masters program, I pretty much had the sole option of working an "intern" type job at a local politician's office, getting paid maybe 10 bucks an hour, and licking envelopes.

I was a little bit annoyed (and discouraged), to say the least.

But I knew I loved design and the world of creativity, that for the last few years, had only been a hobby. I had been spending my days at the political research job I had on campus, reading the NY Times, checking my CNN news ticker, and running the Student Chapter of BYU's Political Affairs Society. When I got home, however, I'd turn on HGTV, catch up on my favorite design blogs, spend a little time on pinterest, all the while wishing I had the chance to jump into design... for real.

Come August 2011, my research job was ending, and I applied for an internship with the lovely Kirsten Krason of the 6th Street Design School blog. Despite my lack of experience, I somehow convinced her to choose me as an assistant. That led to my current job working with Lindy Allen of Four Chairs Furniture on design projects including a few houses in this year's Parade of Homes.

So now, I spend my days reading design blogs, picking paint colors and flooring, arranging furniture at the store, narrowing down wallpaper selections, and drawing up floor plans. Then I come home, flip on CNN, read the NY Times, and snuggle up in bed with the latest historical biography I'm reading.

My day and night interests have certainly flipped in the last year. But it's definitely been a change that I am just as happy with. I still think I have the best of both worlds.