Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nursery Design Board

Back in September, I started talking to my cousin Kelsi about ideas for decorating her nursery. She didn't yet know she'd be having a little girl, but Kelsi and her husband John knew they wanted something very soft and serene. Not so much bright and bold colors, but a place where they would be able to quietly enjoy their growing little family. They live on a few acres out in Lehi, UT - complete with a barn, horses, hay fields, and even a rooster. After finding out their baby-to-be was a little girl, we used their rustic surroundings as inspiration for baby Charlotte's nursery, but still kept in mind the goal of a peaceful and cozy space. 

Here's our original design board. I'm excited to finish up the last few things this next week and post some pictures... hopefully soon!


  1. I saw this blog awhile back and have been anticipating its inauguration ever since!