Friday, March 8, 2013

Collyns at 1 month

-Miss C doesn't like to be put down at night and is a bit of a night owl, but once she does go down,(between 10:30-12:30 usually) she'll either sleep through the night or wake up once to eat.
-She is very content in the mornings hanging in her bouncer while mama eats a bowl of oatmeal.
-She loves her bink, but forgets sometimes how it works at first. We kind of have to wiggle it in her mouth for a minute for her to catch on.
-She loves her baths in the Puj tub, but is not a fan of having to get out and be cold. Her hair is quite curly when wet.
-She is starting to find her hand to suck on.
-C is great in her carseat and on car rides... she pretty much passes out every time.
-She is also great on walks in the stroller. The sounds, sun, wind, and smells keep her pretty entertained.
-She follows voices and sounds very closely. She knows mamas voice really well and Dad's pretty good too. 
-She's a strong little thing! After burping, she'll push herself up and look around, controlling her head really well.

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  1. Love these pictures!!! Keep them coming :) oh, love te wallpaper !