Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Collyns at 2 months

-Weighing in at 10 lb. and measuring 22 inches... both in the about 15-20th percentile.
-Sweet little Miss Collyns found her sass in her second month... or the dreaded technical term "colic". She still has happy times throughout the day, and those times seem to get better and better as she becomes more interactive. But she definitely can be moody, or as Dad says "a typical female" quite frequently. We try to find humor in the fact that she can go from smiling to a total meltdown in a matter of seconds.
-Those smiles melt our heart as they've gotten bigger and bigger and have become a response to our smiles.
-When she is in a good mood, she is still very observant and curious. She is even better at following voices, especially mom's and dad's.
-For the colicky times, we have discovered that gripe water and gas drops help a bit, so we use those on a daily basis. (The original gripe water purchase was a desperate 12:30 am wal-mart run by Dad.)
-Miss C has a hard time going down at night these days, but once she does she'll usually only wake up once for a late night snack. 
-Methods to induce sleep include: going for a drive, Dad bundling up C in a blanket for a walk around the neighborhood (yes even at 11 pm), the baby swing, cuddling next time Mom while she whispers "shhh shhh" over and over in C's ear, and walks all around the house with a continual pat on the bum.
-C is a good eater and is still exclusively breastfeeding, eating every 3-4 hours during the day. 
-She is terribly attached to the Bink... which often is a problem for nap or bed time... Bink falls out... eyes wide open. And then the quick rush to re-insert Bink before a meltdown ensues.
-We have eyelashes now people! They are long and light in color.
-C's hair has gotten a bit lighter, looking pretty strawberry blonde right now... especially in the sunlight.
-She does the most adorable little cough/clearing throat sound the majority of the time after a yawn. It's the cutest thing. 

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