Sunday, May 19, 2013

Collyns at 3 months

-Most of C's third month of life, Momma was still in survival mode. However right at about 12 weeks she did start to show an improved temperament... so our fingers are crossed that it sticks and the colic is on its way out the door!
-After establishing that she will take a good nap about an hour or two after first waking up on the morning, I will either soothe her to sleep laying next to me in my bed or load her up in the car seat for a drive. Lots of miles on the car this past month as I realized that if drives in the car work during the day, so be it. Because of this, getting dinners cooked or much else done around the house certainly became difficult. 
-Collyns Kaye became legit and received a name and a blessing on April 14th (my Grandma Frischknecht's birthday!). We were lucky enough to be surrounded by all of our immediate family for her special day. 
-To help with the colic, we visited a family friend and chiropractor several times... as mentioned she's getting better. Who knows if it's a result of the chiropractic visits or just out-growing the colic. Doesn't matter to me, I'm just relieved it's getting better. 
-On good nights we can get her to calm down and fall asleep early enough to try and set her in her crib. On most though, she ends up laying right next to me while I soothe her to sleep (and I quickly pass out after). I wake up with sore shoulders after spending the night with her in the crook of my arm cuddled close to me. 
-She loves when we make noises such as clicking our tongues and often tries to copycat us. She'll light up with the biggest smile during the noise game. 
-Blowing spit bubbles is a new trick!
-Sadly... we lost some of that pretty long hair she was born with this month. The sides have thinned out a bit and we are sporting a rad bald spot in the back.
-She has gotten quite a bit more hand-eye coordination in the last month. She loves spending time now in her play gym and will reach up to play with the hanging toys. (I have been able to even shower mid-day now thanks to the play gym!)
-Uncle Chase spent lots of time with us driving around town and running errands (since we did so much of this trying to induce sleep). We became quite the trio since he spent April just getting ready to leave for his mission. 


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  1. Oh Haley I'm so sorry about the colic! Charlotte was a loud baby, I felt like she was always crying! And, she had a scowl ALL THE TIME. I started to wonder if she hated me most days! She scowled so much that she actually had a FOLD over her nose for a while. Seriously. I'm glad it's getting better! The first 3 months are the hardest- we have survived so far! She is an absolute doll!