Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Collyns at 4 months

-Weighing in at 10 lb 7 oz and measuring a little over 22 inches... only the 5th percentile!
-Collyns turned into a different baby in her fourth month. After the colic faded away and sleep training began, we had a fun and happy little girl on our hands. 
-We started sleeping training at 3 and half months... the very first night she was down by 9:30 after an hour of crying, up once at 11, and then she slept in until nearly 9:30 in the morning! We became instant believers. She now generally only fusses a little bit before passing out. She's found her position- thumb or fingers in her mouth while she lays on her tummy with her little fit tucked under her bum. It's the cutest little sight to see. 
-Bedtime is between 7:30-8 pm. She will wake up once or twice in the night to eat (Being in only the 5th percentile, momma doesn't yet have the heart to make her cry night feedings out). Wake up is usually between 6 and 7, but sometimes we are surprised with either a 5 am wake up call... or 8 am. We prefer the 8 am, obviously.
-Collyns goes down for her first nap about an hour after she first wakes up in the morning. These usually last from 1-2 hours and allow time for momma to get ready for the day. We usually get out in the middle of the day for errands, lunch, or to visit the grandmas. Another 2ish hour nap in the afternoon as well.
-She has grown fondly attached of the Baby Einstein videos. She liked them prior to now, but she is obsessed and would watch all day long probably if she was allowed. Mom tries to limit it to once in the early evening while she's fixing dinner (However, the number of times C has watched Baby Einstein in a day is directly proportional to how rough said day was). 
-On May 7th, a few days after the three month mark, our tiny little thing rolled over. She started from her back to her tummy, trying to reach for one of her little turtle stuffed animals. She does it several more times that afternoon and then next day she was going back and forth both ways. She is a little "rolling fool," zig-zaging across her crib and under her play gym.
-She also is able to easily reach for things- toys hanging from her play gym, car seat, and all around her. She plays a bit with them and then promptly tries to put them into her mouth. 
-She has grown to be so interactive and smiley. She talks quite a bit also. Enjoys going for walks now in the "big girl" attachment instead of the bassinet, so she can look around at the world. 

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