Friday, October 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Along with starting grad school at UNLV this past month, I have been slightly preoccupied... Chase and I bought a house! 
It was sort of this whirl-wind of events, but we started working with a realtor and getting things ready for the search, and then a few days later we were already signing a contract with Warmington Homes. 
Our house was already under construction, and something fell through with the initial buyer, so we came in and scooped it up for a great deal. 

{What it's going to look like mid-November when we move in-}

{What it looks like now-} 

It's out in Providence - a master planned community in the very (very!) Northwest of Las Vegas.
I have been lovin' on this community for a while now, and just crossing my fingers that we could find something there in our price range. It has tree-lined sidewalks and brand new community parks. There is also a new elementary school in the area and plans for a new junior high.

Here's the floor plan:

I have been scheming up design boards and furniture layouts for the past few weeks. 
Talk about lack of motivation for grad school hw when you've got a home to be decorating!
I'm definitely excited to share some of my ideas and plans on the blog as well as the actual process of bringing things together after we move in.

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