Thursday, November 7, 2013

Collyns at 8 months

***Once again, we are beyond late on this post. In fact she's over 9 months old now ha. I'm awful. But luckily the pictures and notes are from when she DID turn 8 months. Just took a month to get it up on the blog. Hopefully I can knock out the 9 month post too before it's a month late as well.

-This little girl is thriving and we have really gotten into a groove. She is sleeping better at night, either waking up once to eat or sleeping through. Her day starts bright and early around 6 am. We play around the house and then head out on a morning walk before breakfast. Still napping twice a day, for about an hour and a half each. We head out and about in the middle of the day for errands, visits to the grandmas, or play dates at the library or park. Bed time is around 7:30-8.
-Collyns loves standing and pulling herself up onto things- the ottoman in the family room, couch, kitchen table and chairs, walls, really anything. 
-She is eating well and has started to really get the hang of solids and finger foods. Still loving her yogurt melts and prunes with apples every morning. Collyns started taking prilosec for her reflux, which has helped immensely.
-Miss C's favorite thing to babble is "Dadada". She started out the month simply saying this randomly, but as the 8 month mark approached, she seems to have associated "Dada" with Chase, often looking at him and saying it when he is talking to her or doing something funny. 
-Collyns has figured out that the stairwell and the loft area right about the stairs echoes if you shout loud enough, so we always pause now to let her get a few shouts out. If she notices that she is in any other big hall or area that will echo outside of our house, she gives us a few little shouts and smiles there too.
-She has developed quite the aversion to getting put into her carseat. Generally, she doesn't mind riding around in it, but the going in part is pretty intense. Arched back, cries, and wiggling to avoid it. Chase sometimes will put on quite the theatrics to keep her distracted while I strap her in. 
-Collyns LOVES books. We read a few together before each nap and bedtime, and she will also play with them during the day, flipping the pages and occasionally chewing on them ;)

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