Saturday, November 16, 2013

Collyns at 9 months

-Weighing in at 15 lb 4 oz and measuring 25.75 inches long. Our petite little thing is still in the 5th percentile for both height and weight... but has recently started growing more!
-Collyns has developed several new talents this month. She gives kisses if you ask her very nicely, although she pretty much just puts her open mouth against your lips. She knows patty cake and gets excited to do it. Sometimes she also will clap if we are clapping and saying "Yay!". Although her clapping consists of her right hand in a fist and the left clapping against it. At some point we'll get the actual thing down ;)
-She LOVES trying to climb the stairs and will go all the way up them if allowed. We have to go with her the whole way, since she still doesn't quite get the concept of going down... or gravity for that matter.
-Collyns zips around on her hands and knees and really is moving around the furniture in the family room. She loves to reach for the remotes that sit on the tray on the ottoman.
-Miss C's eyelashes have grown quite longer and thicker it seems lately and her eyes have settled into a green with blue ring around her iris. Her hair is getting longer and lighter and she is finally starting to gain weight! You can almost see a little chub on her thighs and the beginnings of a double chin ;) This is all thanks to her being a champion little eater. She really will eat most things put in front of her. The prilosec is definitely helping with her reflux also.
-She does not quite have "stranger danger" but can sometimes be shy, depending on her mood. She also sometimes can be quite clingy on Mama. Especially when she's ready for bed or naptime.
-Her new favorite toy is the car keys. She will slyly find ways to snatch them out of your hands. She also loves the dishwasher and fridge when they are open and will get very excited and crawl quickly over if she sees that one of these are open. She then proceeds to try and climb into them.
-One of C's favorite parts of the morning is when Mama brushes her teeth with the electric toothbrush. Maybe it's the noise, maybe the vibration, but either way she wants to hold onto it and "help".
-Collyns has really grown to love the dogs at both of her grandparents houses. Luckily, all are very good sports and let her fascination run its course. Jax and Rusty are actually quite entertained by her as well and let her grasp their hair.

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