Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Collyns at 10 months

-This girl is packing on the weight, finally! Although she did not have any official weigh-ins or well checks this month, we think she put on about 2 pounds. Starting to catch up a little bit to everyone else her age.
-The weight gain can be attributed to C being such a good little eater, and her reflux slowly fading. She is very fond of fruits- bananas, peaches, pears, apples- but not as good at eating veggies. Still no teeth, but this month she has managed to really take on to table foods. She eats many of the same meals as us, just broken up into smaller pieces.
-Although she is small, Collyns doesn't let that stop her. She is a busy little thing that is constantly on the go. She loves watching bigger kids play and tries to keep up with them.
-Collyns is not super fond of strangers and in particular, men. She even was scared of her uncles when they were home for Thanksgiving. She generally would cry and reach for mom when they tried to hold her.
-Another month of loving grandma and grandpa's dogs. Luckily they put up with her trying to grab them. For the most part though, Collyns just zips over to their area in her activity walker and watches them and giggles.
-One of her favorite things is FaceTiming Dada in the mornings now that he doesn't see her before work. She knows now that after mama grabs her out of the crib, we go lay in her bed and call Chase just to say hi really quick and have a good day
-Bathtime at night is another favorite. She splashes around like a mad woman and shouts every time she makes a splash. We've got a little fishy on our hands this coming summer I think!
-Collyns is FINALLY sleeping through the night, consistently. Sometimes she will wake at about 5:30, but will go back to sleep for another hour or two after nursing.

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